Enviroment Policy

TÜMAD Mining Industry and Trade Inc. is a metallic mining group that carries out gold production in addition to projects and explorations for various valuable and base metals.

Our strategy is to carry out advanced explorations in potential mining fields without any compromise on quality while respecting nature, environment and people thereby establishing sustainable mining facilities that are economically substantial.

Our goal is to comply with all related legal regulations, to continuously improve and develop our environmental performance in accordance with the international environmental standards in all processes related with the execution and management of our mining activities.

We hereby commit to carry out the below activities in order to ensure that our environmental goals are actualized.

  1. Developing, applying and ensuring the sustainability by way of improvements and developments of our environmental management system that evaluates the environmental dimensions and risks related with our mining activities in addition to controlling them effectively.
  2. Carrying out sustainable mining activities that protect the environmental values while also supporting social development.
  3. Evaluating the environmental impacts of mining activities and ensuring that the possible environmental pollution is minimized by applying the related precautions and monitoring procedures for the elimination or minimizing of adverse environmental impacts.
  4. Ensuring that the natural resources are saved and are used efficient by way of encouraging efficiency improvement and the use of new technologies.
  5. Preparing an action plan for ensuring that the environmental goals and targets of mining activities are determined and evaluated.
  6. Carrying out activities for the reduction of wastes as well as improvement of recycling and reuse.
  7. Carrying out activities for the regaining of mining fields to the nature during and after mining processes.
  8. Taking the opinions of the society and employees regarding the development, execution and closure of mining projects and to share the acquired knowledge, experience and opinions with our stakeholders, employees and all other related parties.
  9. Carrying out the required activities for ensuring that the awareness of all our stakeholders (employees, shareholders, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, society and the employees of related institutions) regarding Environmental Policy are improved and that the related activities are carried out in accordance with the Environmental Policy.
  10. Evaluating the policy at suitable intervals in order to update it to suit the changing conditions in the light of new knowledge and to inform the related parties regarding these changes.
  11. Ensuring that the business partners in the supply chain take the necessary environmental precautions in accordance with the Environmental Policy.
  12. Obeying the legal regulations and all other conditions including those related with the environmental aspects of the mine.
  13. Carrying out applications for taking effective decisions and precautions regarding the risks, transforming the risks into opportunities, environmental impacts, incidents, emergencies and to establish an open communication with the employees and related parties with regard to the improvements and developments.
  14. Providing trainings to the public at the regions of activity thereby increasing environmental awareness.
  15. Eliminating all impacts which may be harmful to the environment during mining activities, applying risk management, developing permanent solutions for the future thus ensuring that the performance of our Environmental management system is continuously improved, developed and sustained.
  16. Establishing a perfectly sustainable structure by carrying out all activities that ensure compliance to environmental goals and targets as well as all activities related with the monitoring of the related compliance.