TÜMAD shall protect environmental values by minimizing environmental impact by way of environment assessment plans and preservation programs in the light of fundamental data and information on air, water, soil quality, plant-animal species, cultural and social assets acquired as a result of works carried out by related experts prior to the starting of mining activities during the exploration, investment-construction, production, closure and rehabilitation processes.

TÜMAD complies with all sanctions and limits put forth in national and international regulations in addition to the technical standards related with the included systems and procedures for Air and Dust Emissions, Water, Soil, Noise, Biodiversity and Vibration management.

It is aimed to carry out regular measurements by the Environment division in order to attain and continue the accordance with the current regulations with regard to the Ministry of Environment and the credit institutions. Our Environment Divisions carry out the following measurements and analyses within the framework of the Environment Management System;

  • At the time of explosion,
  • Noise, hourly
  • HCN gas, at 3 locations, daily
  • H2S gas, at 3 locations, daily
  • S0x, MOx , 6 months
  • Ground water flow rate measurement, monthly
  • Acquisition of meteorological data, instantaneous
  • Water level measurement in observation wells, weekly
  • Particle Dust Measurement, at 2 locations, hourly
  • Precipitated dust measurement, at 18 locations, monthly
  • PM 10, PM 2,5 heavy metal analyses, once a week
  • Water samples (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Environmental area controls
  • Collection of mining field wastes daily
  • Disposal and recycling of hazardous wastes
  • Solid waste storage analyses