Quality Policy

TÜMAD Mining Industry and Trade Inc. is a metallic mining group that carries out gold production in addition to projects and explorations for various valuable and base metals.

Our strategy is to carry out advanced explorations in potential mining fields without any compromise on quality while respecting nature, environment and people thereby establishing sustainable mining facilities that are economically substantial.

Our goal is to follow the rapidly changing and developing technologies thus protecting and improving the physical and mental health of all our employees in our current and future mining activities, to provide the required trainings, safety and efficiency, working conditions and environment, to comply with all related legal regulations, to apply the international occupational health and safety standards and to continuously improve, develop and be sustainable.

TÜMAD Mining Inc. commits to;

  1. Fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety standards and to acquire the related certifications for these management systems,
  2. Procuring the necessary resources for continuous improvement of system effectiveness at every stage of production and support,
  3. Carry out regular inspection and evaluation programs for improvements,
  4. Work in accordance with the national and international regulations that the Company is subject to with regard to Environment, Occupational Health and Safety issues; eliminate and/or minimize the risks and dangers that employees, visitors and neighboring individuals may face due to the activities of TÜMAD Mining Inc.
  5. Actualize and sustain a health, occupational safety and environment system for an effective examination and control of the health, occupational safety and environment risks for the employees, contractors and the public,
  6. Provide training opportunities to educate talented staff with the required certifications, contractors and companies,
  7. To follow and apply technological advancements,
  8. To keep the customer and shareholder satisfaction at a maximum level.