Occupational Health and Safety Policy

TÜMAD Mining Industry and Trade Inc. is a metallic mining group that carries out gold production in addition to projects and explorations for various valuable and base metals.

Our strategy is to carry out advanced explorations in potential mining fields without any compromise on quality while respecting nature, environment and people thereby establishing sustainable mining facilities that are economically substantial.

Our goal is to follow the rapidly changing and developing technologies thus protecting and improving the physical and mental health of all our employees in our current and future mining activities, to provide the required trainings, safety and efficiency, working conditions and environment, to comply with all related legal regulations, to apply the international occupational health and safety standards and to continuously improve, develop and be sustainable.

We hereby commit that we will comply with the following activities in order to fulfill our Occupational Health and Safety (HSE) goals.

  1. Preserving the ecological balance during our activities and to minimize the negative impacts, take the required precautions for ensuring the health, life and property safety of our employees and all other individuals who may be affected from our activities.
  2. Target zero occupational accident by creating a systematic and proactive working environment in which all required equipment and HSE tools are supplied, which is continuously improved and developed in a proper arrangement and order.
  3. Developing, applying and controlling the required HSE management system together with the Risk Management procedure which defines, analyzes, evaluates and thus effectively controls and prevents all HSE related risks for all our shareholders (employees, stock holders, contractors, sub-contractors, society and all employees of related national and international companies) and which aims to transform these risks into opportunities while ensuring the improvement and sustainability of the system.
  4. Combining the HSE elements with all other activities of the company including research, project development, purchasing, deprivation of rights and closures.
  5. Ensuring that all our HSE activities are sustained with improvements in accordance with legal regulations and standards as well as the expectations of our society.
  6. Creating a safe work place, ensuring its sustainability and to carry out all activities and the related infrastructure design for preventing the employees to catch occupational diseases or prevent injuries.
  7. Providing the required trainings for ensuring that all our shareholders carry out their activities in accordance with this policy.
  8. Starting, operating and controlling required inspection and evaluation programs regularly, taking the necessary precautions, making the required improvements and ensuring its effectiveness.
  9. Taking the opinions of the society and employees on the Occupational Health and Safety values, requirements and needs for the development, activity and closure stages of projects. Ensuring that the acquired knowledge, skills and revisions are shared with our shareholders (employees and other parties).
  10. Carrying out the required training, announcement and awareness raising activities for ensuring that our HSE understanding is adopted by all our employees and is accepted as a philosophy of life as well as company culture, making effective decisions and precautions, establishing open communication in the working environment regarding the risks, incidents and opinions.
  11. Displaying loyalty to occupational health and safety performance reporting procedures. Developing in line with the acquired reports and being sustainable.
  12. Carrying out all required activities for accordance with the occupational health and safety policies, goals and targets and building the perfect sustainable structure by carrying out all required activities for reviewing this accordance.