Community Relations Policy

TÜMAD Mining Industry and Trade Inc. is a metallic mining group that carries out gold production in addition to projects and explorations for various valuable and base metals.

The strategy of TÜMAD Mining to carry out advanced explorations in potential mining fields thereby establishing sustainable mining facilities that are economically substantial.

The goal is to become a prestigious commercial partner that minimizes risks related with protests, interruption of the business or production and conflicts, which solves the problems between the parties while enabling the local public to support the activities and helping the management and employees focus on their work with an honest, scientific, transparent and effective communication.

For this purpose, we carefully comply with the following issues:

  1. A sustainable production system that has received social approval,
  2. A communication system that provides solutions and is based on trust, mutual dialogue, and respect to values,
  3. Being respectful and understanding towards the needs and demands of all societies that we work together with,
  4. Carrying out our activities in ways that will provide the highest benefit to the communities that we work with,
  5. Win&Win and maximum gain principles,
  6. Acting as a responsible member of the communities we work with,
  7. Respecting the values, opinions and rights of all individuals.
  8. We will work harder to form relationships based on the following:
  9. Open, effective, honest and transparent communication,
  10. Learning from each other,
  11. Mutual solidarity and dialogue,
  12. Sharing of success.

This policy shall be complied together with the Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Policies of TÜMAD Mining Inc.