Community Relations

TÜMAD shall provide economic and social growth in areas where mining activities shall be carried out while preserving the nature with its local purchasing and local employment understanding and employment based on mutual trust, respect to values, open and clear communication, social approval, complaints and feedbacks from the local public for ensuring their support to the related activities.

TÜMAD acts as a responsible individual of the communities it works in thus giving equal importance to being understood across the social community, working in accordance with the existing social conditions, respecting local values and different cultures and finally working within the framework of “social approval”. Since it is aware that working for long periods of time is possible only by way of mutual trust, good will and approval.

TÜMAD has carried out social impact evaluations in both projects thus collecting and compiling the opinions of the local public in the vicinity of the mine as well as the opinions and feedback of other shareholders in order to learn more about the future needs of the communities that are part of these projects. Another benefit of social impact evaluations is that the data compiled as such shall be used to improve and shape the relations with shareholders and the involved communities. Thus, a preferred mining site and an ideal working place for the employees shall be created.

Local Employment is the greatest advantage that is provided to the local community affected from mining and management activities of the company. It is of great importance to maximize local employment opportunities in these regions free from discrimination and to ensure that the opportunities are equally distributed in a transparent fashion while also clearly defining local employment principles.

Local Purchasing; The use of local goods and services for mining activities, renting of equipment, making use of transportation services and storage, field, residence, building etc. leasing, food or catering services shall be carried out in accordance with the TÜMAD Purchasing Management Plan.