About Us

TÜMAD Mining Industry and Trade Inc. is a metallic mining group with facilities, projects and explorations for various valuable and base metals.

Our strategy is to carry out advanced explorations on potential mine sites that respect nature, environment and people without any compromises on quality thus to become one of the important gold manufacturers of the country with sustainable mining projects combining economic and social growth with environmental protection. For this purpose, our company is a holder of many mining licenses.

TÜMAD aims sustainable gold mining with a permanent and high economic return based on transparent, open and honest management understanding that respects the values and the environment with mutual trust among the society, its shareholders and employees while ensuring the health and safety of its workers in all its facilities and mining sites.

All our mining facilities and projects have the best applicable technologies since they have all national and international standards with all their components ranging from HSE, Environment, Community Relations, Quality and Integrated Management systems.

Prior to mining activities, all environmental and social values regarding production, regaining to the nature along with all other processes shall be preserved in the light of all fundamental data and knowledge acquired by experts as a result of studies on air, water, soil quality, plant-animal species, cultural and social assets.

TÜMAD shall provide economic and social growth in areas where mining activities shall be carried out while preserving the nature with its local purchasing and local employment understanding and employment based on mutual trust, respect to values, open and clear communication, social approval, complaints and feedbacks from the local public for ensuring their support to the related activities.